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A few words about words

Words in music – yea or nay? Well, that’s a stupid question, especially if you take into account the spectrum between Stravinsky and wee djs to Elliott Smith and any Anticon nerdy wordy hiphop. In general (yoiks!, a gross generalisation!), I could do without it in most dance music. Another horror movie sample/filthy durrrty girl talking about cunnilingus/70s cartoon sample/posh English guy talking about drugs. SNORE.

Although a lot of the music I listen to is free of The Word, I’m big into the words myself. I cut my musical teeth singing in a kiddies’ choir, and later writing lyrics and supplying vocals for Ed. And there’s all those “My best friend is Rog, He is a black dog” poems from eeehhh last year. The songs on the EP are just that; songs. I take a lot of care with my lyrics, and thus far at least, they’re hugely important, so I decided to include them in the sleeve. Writing them out was kinda cool, laying them out Just So on the page. None of this old hat “left to right” nonsense.

I put them on MySpace, but it moved everything all over the shop. Aye aye, so many problems! They’ll look pretty nice in that sexy sleeve though.

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