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Nearly there now


The mastered CDs arrived yesterday.

The covers have been printed and all we have to do is stick the designs on the cases. The lyric are upside down in the booklet, but it don’t matter!

There are two more choir rehearsals before tomorrow’s gig. It’s starting to take shape; we practiced yesterday with parts 3 and 4 being sung by computer ladies, and it still went well. My own set eeehh is what it is, but it’ll do.

I know you shouldn’t wish you life away or crave a break that will never come, but I AM looking forward to being able to spend the next few months just writing music. In my room, by myself, writing music. Heaven!! With the odd gig to break it up (she hopes).

There’s some amount of work in a organising a gig. I sort of knew before, but I didn’t really. Now I do. My hat goes off to those who do it, tis they who give people a lovely/intense/mental/powerful/all of the above experience, give work to musicians and artists, and help in the dissemination of music as much as journalists and bloggers.

The internet is great, but there can be the danger of information overload too. I read so many glowing reviews of bands and artists, but when I seek out their music it can be a bit “hhmmm hohum”. Listening off the internet while checking the emails or answering a “blunk” off gmail chat. It’s rare enough for something to stand out.

You can have your 3D cinema and your new Nissan Micra, the live experience is what it’s all about. And as for festivals….

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