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Gig Tonight in the Stables

I’ve been a bit lax with the posting of late. Spent the last few month farting around with My New MACHINEDRUM which is frightfully exciting altogether. Not massively interesting to talk about though. Weeeellll, talking about “I’m doing this” and “I’m doing this” (as she talks about that she’s doing) maybe isn’t massively interesting. But hey, whatcha gonna do??

So, playing tonight in the Stables in Mullingar with FYED, Fuzzy Hell!! and Aidan O’Brien. Last night I decided to give myself a hangover today, the logic being that I’d be less nervous and jumpy. I questioned the wisdom of that this morning, but what’s done is done.

My driving test looms as well, watch yer grannies! Following last night’s rationale, I’ll probably drink a bottle of poteen on Monday to prepare for the test on Tuesday. Yeow!

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