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Mildly Peeved

It’s all about to kick off… Finally, the people who got the country in the mess it’s in are going to be brought to book. For too long, the financial health of Ireland has been threatened by those sick and/or in hospital, by students, by school-children (especially those with special needs), not to mention people with families earning princely wages that have kept them in Sunday supplements and budget airfare for far too long. Apologies for the clunky rhetorical mallet…

Tomorrow (3rd of November) at 12.30 p.m., The National Student March takes place. I’d make an educated guess (hweh!) that the words on everyone’s lips are, “Don’t cut education, you bloody idiots, how the hell will anything ever change if you do???” It begins at the Ambassador Theatre at the top of O’Connell St in Dublin. The following day (4th of November), all day, outside the Department of Health and Children (Hawkins St, Dublin, behind the Screen Cinema), there’s a protest against health spending cuts. Obviously the daddy of them all will take place on the 7th of December (B-B-B-Budget Day!!!); starts from the Garden of Remembrance, Parnell Square, Dublin at 7 p.m.

Now, I’m no firebrand, and I’m no disgruntled Greek citizen, but now the time has come that I feel obliged to be present at these events. Sorry, by the way, for a Dublin-centric slant to this post, but eeehhh, that’s where I live and that’s where most of the limos do be driving and most of the vol-au-vents do be hurtling down ministerial gullets.

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