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The countdown begins now for the move over to Eindhoven. Eeekkk. Oh yes, it’s exciting (what, living in the same country as my boyfriend!?), but new language, new country, new home, finding work, the prospect of a lotta push push push before there’s a whiff of a gig or anything of the sort. “Comfort-zone” is one of these snappy buzz-phrases all the rage these days, or rather, one’s removal of oneself from said cosy place. “Get out of your comfort-zone, ye big lummock!” And I’m a sucker, a proud, proud sucker, confidently striding over the Discomfort Frontier, with a big knot in my belly and an icy lump in my chest. No looking back though! T minus two months or thereabouts.

Addendum: Make that two and a half months. I have to get cracking on the album in the meantime.

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