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The Chequered Life of Michel Thomas

I’ve been learning Dutch these last few weeks, listening to Michel Thomas. It’s a great way of learning; the nice Dutch lady with the calm voice and the terrible puns gives small building blocks of sentences, and then there’s the “how would you say ‘they don’t want to stay here tomorrow because they want to go there today’?” part where I say stuff in Dutch and hope none of my housemates can hear me. Still though, it’s quick, and it gives you a real sense of familiarity with structure and word order.

But as for Michel Thomas’ life! Colourful, to say the least. In and out of concentration camps like a yo-yo, in the French Resistance, involved in a sting operation where he posed as “Dr Frundsberg” to root out SS officers. Michel’s wartime experiences, particularly his torture by the French Milice (Gestapo) when he discovered the ability to block out pain, made Michel Thomas aware of the untapped potential of the human mind.

No messin with that.

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