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Album To-Do List

– Write two more songs by the end of February.
– Think of a name.
Record it (with a lorrah lorrah help from Joe).
– Mix it.
– Master it (or get it mastered, as a sound engineer I am not).
– The cover is in Barry’s capable hands, so no worries there.

This by the end of March.

Then to release it. Releasing it is the hard part, two issues there.
The release itself – physical, digital, both? Pledge Music, Bandcamp…? Do I just go nuts altogether and release it on vinyl as I’d like to? Or make CDs to sell at the launch gig and as promo copies? CDs are a bit…hmmm….but still…hmmmm…..thinking aloud.

And the launch gig, and promotion thereof.

It’s not so daunting when it’s all written like that.

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