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Echo progress

Barry put up a lovely video on his blog – a time lapse of etching he’s doing, possibly for the album cover: I might as well finish

I still haven’t thought too much about what to do with the beast once it’s finished, but I’ve decided to call it “Echo” anyway. For an echo is a lovely thing, and where would I be at all without reverb?

Up in the studio this week for a few days again, four tracks mixed now. Saweet! There was some re-recording on a few of them, but it’s all still going to plan. Cracking weather as well. It’s so nice to get out of the city, and be up overlooking it all. The studio shares a side wall with the big shed where all the ewes are lambing now, so they’re all doing their cute thing in there. The lambs, I mean; the ewes all remind me of hard-livin’, hard-lovin’ barmaids, with their dirty blonde perms and 40-fag-a-day “mmmeeeeehhhh”s.

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