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This is news though

Hello from Patience Bootcamp! I’m not very patient, you see. This notwithstanding, it’s been a bit of a slow few months. But the demo CDs are back from the pressing plant, be-artworked and mastered and all those professional things. I start sending them out next week, yeow!!

My first Eindhovinian gig is on at the end of November. Yip yip! AxesJazzPower is an Eindhoven-based promotions group and “stage for adventurous new music”. Their programmes range from jazz to contemporary classical, theatre, electronica, and pretty much anything else interesting. I see that Andy Moor (guitarist from the legendary Dutch punk band, The Ex) is playing in a few weeks with Yannis Kyriakides, a Cypriot composer living in Amsterdam. Seeya down the front, hweh!

But anyway, yeah, their shows are always interesting, and for the gig in November, they’re setting up a collaboration between an upcoming artist (that’d be me) and an old, wise, lion with years of experience. So, I’ll be going to Amsterdam in a few weeks to meet up with Sean Bergin, we’ll have an aul jam together, and see what happens. It’s really exciting though, obviously a very different set-up to Ireland. Slightly more (this word again) professional. But it is though.

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