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Headed up to Amsterdam yesterday for a jam with Tobias Klein and Raphael Vanoli. Tobias plays clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone, Raphael is a guitarist, and both of them use electronics along with their respective instruments. Yesterday was wonderful, that flotation tank feeling from abstract improv, and the bass clarinet is a big velvetty swoon-machine. Plus, the studio had a window, so we could see snow falling outside (minus 23 centigrade last night in Eindhoven – winter came late, but it’s here now!). Just beautiful.

They’re amazing musicians, wildly prolific and proactive, involved in loads of other projects, including Lackritz, Knalpot and Spinifex. I’ve come into contact with a lot of (for want of a better word) jazz musicians over here, and technical ability and prolific collaboration is a big part of (let’s call it) jazz circles. Left to my own devices, I’d write and write, acquiring the technique necessary to play my own music, but not stretching myself any further.

With that in mind, I’m getting a cello lesson next week in The Dam. It’s been three years since my last one, time to get back on the horse. Tis a life’s work, eh.

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