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ACTA and other IP thangs

ACTA:_Procedure_in_the_European_Parliament and ACTA-is-not-dead

La Quadrature du Net is a fantastic site which “aims to alert on government projects that threaten civil liberties on the Internet and to make alternative proposals”.

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) is one of the most pertinent issues currently, posing as it does such a massive threat to civil liberties. An older post on that here.

The political memory section has names, contact details and the voting records of every MEP, by country and by committee. I might even write to some of them, in my naivety. Like Paul Murphy, a Socialist from Dublin. He’s on the International Trade Committee (INTA), the main one working on ACTA.

Closer to home (as in, at home), the Copyright Review Committee (set up by Minister Richard Bruton) published a consultation paper in March. “Innovation” is the buzz-word here, how can we nurture it, foster it, encourage it, attract it and its innovative practitioners to Ireland. I’m chomping through the 182-page report – the Department (of Jobs, Enterprise  and Innovation) are accepting submissions from the public, so I might as well. 

I’ll do a proper post on it once I’m finished.

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