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Trying to shake the head up a bit with La Música. It’s always a dilemma; ‘Am I taking too long on this? Or should I spend more time?’ Writing lyrics can take blemmin ages, depending on what you’re trying to write about. Improvisation is great, and magic can happen in a matter of minutes, but knowing where to progress to (or if progression is even necessary) is usually a bit more tricky.

For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to produce (as in, create, as opposed to ‘silky smooth production’. That is a challenge for another day) a lot of varied…stuff. Messes mainly. The dreaded over-thinking always rears its over-thinking head though.

Luckily I live with an expert in ‘throwing ideas at the wall at a hundred-and-ten miles an hour’ and there is something to be said for getting less precious about it. Not everything has to be perfect. If you don’t know what to do, do something you’ve never done before. Intelligent Fast Failure is a…hmmm…kind of a ‘creative philosophy’ (I dunno what else you’d call it); the more you experiment, try, fail, and try again, the greater your chances of hitting on ‘X’. So the ‘faster’ and more ‘intelligently’ you fail, the less time you’re going to waste going round and round in circles, all perspective hopelessly lost. 

Making an advanced sketch of a track in two/three sessions. Making three rough sketches in an hour. Useful and absolutely terrifying concepts. 

I may be gone some time.

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