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July 2015

‘So….what are you up to?’

I will admit, this question usually stumps me. What *am* I up to?

Is it… (the stereotype looms)… a particularly Irish reticence to be shiting on about all these fab things you’re doing? Like what you’re doing is so thrilling and important. But I guess, deep down, even the Irish like shiting on about these fab and interesting thing, and they probably like listening to others talk about their own ‘stuff’ as well.

Hence that wretched question!

So, I’ve been partaking of the brilliant and extensive resource of Ableton tutorials online. Now they are fab and interesting. STILL trying to learn how to actually produce sound. Trying to stop going for the easiest trick in the book (if you’re a female vocalist) – female vox. God knows, even I like a bit of female vox from time to time, but still.


Can’t be coasting on that. It is just not cool.

Anyway, apparently, when you hear or think of a sound or a tune, your brain processes the soundwaves and sends a message to your inner-ear to reproduce the sound using tiny hairs inside your ear, one for each frequency. So, regarding production, I think pretty often I hear what I want to hear, filling in the blanks with the magic of those tiny hairs.

Another amazing online resource are Erik Friedlander‘s cello videos. More work, more discipline, so satisfying.

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