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Niamh de Barra works primarily with cello, voice, electronics and sampling software, layering different textures in a live setting, to build a song from scratch, drawing on musical traditions old and new.

She’s played in a range of venues in Ireland, Sweden, and the Netherlands, from sitting-rooms and avant-garde jazz clubs, to a tent in a field on the edge of a cliff and a disused copper-mine, and her music has celebrated Bloomsday in Bray, and been broadcast on TG4’s ‘Ceol ar an Imeall’ and Dan Hegarty’s Studio 8 Sessions on 2FM.

Based in Dublin, her releases include two EPs, ‘Cusp’ (2010) and ‘Below The Sea’ (2012), and a full-length album, ‘Echo’ (2012).

‘ECHO’ –

The Irish Times, 31st of August, 2012
The streetlamp doesn’t cast her shadow anymore, 14th of August, 2012

‘Below The Sea’ –

On the record, Irish Times, 3rd of August, 2012
Sweet Oblivion Blog, 27th of June, 2012

‘Cusp’ –

Sweet Oblivion Blog, 3rd of January, 2011
On the record, Irish Times, 8th of October, 2010

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  1. Hey Niamh hows tricks? What is your email or Facebook? I would like to book you and check your availability. Many thanks venus

    August 17, 2015 at 9:56 pm

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