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Steve & Ollilab modular jam

‘[V]ery VERY psychedelic with Pink Floyd vibes all over the place,’ says the description.

Well ok then!

Gazelle Twin

Haven’t been as excited by new music in a long while. This one (as in ‘wan'[Hiberno-English]) is brilliant. Not only is the music amazing, but she gets around the tricky ‘visual image’ chestnut. Based in Brighton of all places, and I had to come home to hear of her. It’s always the way….

Other peoples’ words II

From The Black Dog’s Soundcloud

A lot of people love music. A lot of musicians love music, despite it being their job. After all, how many bin men love black bags? How many salesmen love their target? For musicians, work means another day in the studio, another set of A&R men to make happy, another day knowing you‘ve sold your soul for a strapon! Working in music is poisonous. Yet a lot of musicians love music anyway.

Cool, huh?

Tunes of the month – July 2015

It’s been a great month for the new music. Well, new to me.

Marco Bernardi – nasty nice electro with that oddball touch I love so much.

Kamikaze Space Programme – beautiful sound design makes bangin’ music.

Liam Weldon – pure poetry to stand all your hairs on end.

July 2015

‘So….what are you up to?’

I will admit, this question usually stumps me. What *am* I up to?

Is it… (the stereotype looms)… a particularly Irish reticence to be shiting on about all these fab things you’re doing? Like what you’re doing is so thrilling and important. But I guess, deep down, even the Irish like shiting on about these fab and interesting thing, and they probably like listening to others talk about their own ‘stuff’ as well.

Hence that wretched question!

So, I’ve been partaking of the brilliant and extensive resource of Ableton tutorials online. Now they are fab and interesting. STILL trying to learn how to actually produce sound. Trying to stop going for the easiest trick in the book (if you’re a female vocalist) – female vox. God knows, even I like a bit of female vox from time to time, but still.


Can’t be coasting on that. It is just not cool.

Anyway, apparently, when you hear or think of a sound or a tune, your brain processes the soundwaves and sends a message to your inner-ear to reproduce the sound using tiny hairs inside your ear, one for each frequency. So, regarding production, I think pretty often I hear what I want to hear, filling in the blanks with the magic of those tiny hairs.

Another amazing online resource are Erik Friedlander‘s cello videos. More work, more discipline, so satisfying.

Hot ‘n’ sunny

Hot ‘n’ sweaty, hot ‘n’ sultry, hot ‘n’ sulky, or all of the above. As they say round here, it’s well hot. What with moving house around a million times in the last ten years, I’ve lost a lot of my CD collection. So it’s Youtube again for this tasty number from Siouxsie and the Banshees.


As I said earlier, I’ve started a separate project of more floory, beat-driven music. For dancing, like.

It’s probably the most fun to do (to work on), or at least I’m trying to keep it that way. None of those depressing/earnest lyrics to worry about(!) and I have less to lose, because it’s something new that I’ve never done before.

Going for a dance is such a nice buzz, and I always get so teary and emotional at the…’purity of intent’ in propah hard & nasty dancefloor tunes. (Imagine!) Or nice & nasty tunes, or those with just loads of fun and funk and character. There’s something so positive and giving about dance music in general, I find. It’s not trying to ‘say something’ or emote too much, but in that, it says and is so much.

Frankie Knuckles died last week. ‘Godfather of house’, ‘pioneer’ and ‘legend’ were the sort of things being said, quite rightly. I’m not a huge fan of house as it is today – a little bit too tasteful and not exactly edgy – but the looped and extended snippets of pulsating disco tunes, and the kind of trancey simplicity of early house has a really different energy about it. And sure without that, there would have been no techno, and where would we be then?