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Time: tyrant and liberator!

When I was a kid and I was worried about something I’d done, I used try to think, ‘Will this still matter in a year? [Will I still be in trouble in a year?]’ Useful perspective sometimes.

These two websites have a rake of photos of abandoned and derelict houses, factories, hospitals and a host of other eerie stuff. Haunting, indeed!

Abandoned Ireland

Abandoned Britain

‘Requiem for Detroit?’ is a whole film on that theme, moving and unforgettable. It ends on a hopeful note, which makes it more moving still.

I was watching an interview with an astronomer and something he said stuck in my head. ‘One depressing possibility, that explains why we haven’t found any clear signals from extra terrestrials, is that… something that comes along with higher intelligence is this self-destructive ability. [… c]ivilisations being born and ending, like stars, throughout the universe.’ (He was cautiously optimistic about humanity’s prospects though.)

What he said reminded me of ‘The Wild Blue Yonder’ – another film – a fake science documentary from the future. Beeeoootiful music too – cello harmonics from Ernst Reijseger, and singing from Mola Sylla and a choral quintet. (I think I mentioned it before.)