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Hello again!

Well, howyis now. After two months away from (admittedly, sporadic) blogging, I MISS it. It felt like I had no ‘home’ online. Facebook is like an airport terminal, Twitter is a bit like being stuck on a really fast escalator, and Soundcloud’s like a really nice gig where you’re absorbed in the music but not up for the chats.

This blog was like my bedroom. Sure, no-one was visiting, but I had my slippers, my music, and a bed to sit on. So here I am again.

In honour of coming home, here is this absolutely BEAUTIFUL song by Geoffrey Oryema –

I first heard it being used in a documentary about US foreign policy in the 20th century. Cheerful stuff, indeed. This got me properly bawling. That and Patrice Lumumba’s assassination.

Attack of the killer summer!

The many-legged have been out in force the last week. An unseasonable warm patch in the middle of an unseasonable cold and windy spell saw the mozzies, flying ants, and loads of strange-looking pupa-esque creatures on the streets for three days, in the house, in my hair, you get the idea. Apparently the cold has damaged the asparagus crop in the Netherlands. NOO!

But really, mad times we do live in. The weather grows stranger and stranger.

UPDATE 16th of May, 2012:

Radioactive mutation in produce and wild plants in Michigan, US.