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‘Cruinneog’ interview and Daylight Savings News

For you Irish-speakers out there, I did an interview for the radio show, ‘Cruinneog’ (meaning ‘globe’), during the week. It’ll be broadcast tomorrow morning (Saturday, the 3rd of November) at 11. Seems very interesting, it generally consists of interviews with Irish people living abroad, and as I’m only recently back from the Netherlands, I was asked to call in and have a chat. It’s always a balancing act between being open and communicative, and not coming off like a roaring eejit. Ha!

But Cearbhall (O Síocháin, the presenter) was sound out, really put me at ease, and it was nice to talk about music, and remind myself that I’m a musician, which (goldfish-style) I seem to forget after a few busy music-free weeks. For I went back to school a few months back, yes kids, back to school I went. Plants have always been a big deal to me. I can’t live without them, not even a little bit! I like oxygen and food, see. Soooo, starting a horticulture course seemed like a good idea. It’s all SO NEW at the moment, but I’m lovin’ it.

All about the choirs at the moment too. I’m working on some choral repertoire at the moment. The amazingly talented Amanda Feery recently moved over to Princeton, New Joisey, but she’ll be back next summer for a while, so we’re planning some sort of co-choral goings on. My dream is a mobile choir, flash mobs, musical public nuisances…. As well as midsummer midnight concerts and other lovely things.

The Hour Went Back last weekend, and we all know what that means. Ireland sinks into darkness for a few months (although the winter skies here are absolutely spectacular when there is some light). Leaving the house in darkness, arriving home in darkness. I kind of like it though. And night-time is very conducive to all sorts of visions and madness anyway.

Here’s a sample of Amanda’s work (She’s photographed here by Aoife Giles, singing Lying in Bed in the Joinery way back) –

Lying in Bed (choir)

This is a recording from Sunday evening of the choir. Thanks to Amy, Amanda, Regan, Mel, Eileen, Emma, Sharon, Sue and Holly!!

Photo: Aoife Giles

Lying in Bed (choir version) by Niamh de Barra

Choir Practice

Tonight I had a practice with seven of the singers for “Lying in Bed” off the EP. We’ll be performing it a capella at the launch (all going to plan…). I’d been fairly stressed about it for the last few weeks; not constantly, but every so often a wave of it would wash over me. What if, what if not, etc etc, the usual torture we put ourselves through. Tonight’s practice reassured me though. Twelve different voices, eh, it’ll be quite something, I think.

In other news, today, I have been mostly laughing at this;