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Two Sisters EPs

Finishing writing on two EPs at the moment. So yeah, I dithered, as is my wont, for blemmin ages over what way to go about it. There are ten songs in total; some choral pieces, some beats-y tunes, and a few old songs that didn’t make it onto my first EP, for some reason. Mini-album? Collection of 7″s? DIgital release with absolutely no promotion? (Oh, I did that already. HA!) But I think two ‘sister EPs’ is the way to go about it. The plan is to release them in early 2014.


Another fab image from Barry Quinn

Barry’s been making images to go with the songs on the album. I was thinking of doing a crowd-funding type of a thing to raise money to press records, and he suggested limited edition books of artwork to go with it. In the end, it was going to be too much hassle and messing to do that. A long post on the subject will follow. By the way, get over to that man’s site and Etsy page!



"Below The Sea" EP

Yay! “Below The Sea” has now been released. Grab a download here. Embarrassingly nice blurb too. Scarlet, I am!

Thanks (again and again and again) to Hamish, Mel for the mastering, and Barry for the beautiful artwork.

Filming the video this weekend for the funding project. “Echo” will see the light of day yet!

Whatchoo readin’ fawr?

For this reason! Learnin me some proper production and mastering ting. It’s all a bit of grey fog, still. No more, I tells ya.

Mel did a fantastic FANTASTIC job with “Echo”, and she’s mastering “Below The Sea” as we speak. Her ear is impeccable, clear as day when you listen to her own music too.

She’s based in Brighton now with her fella Herv. Keep an eye and an ear peeled for the two of them.

Ya big Pledge!

Sooo…. this funding project doodah is starting so. Apparently, I need more fans for this to succeed.


To the left, there is a widget. A widget with which to lure in new fans and potential funders of said album. The song, “Sunday Sun”, is one of the first I wrote. Ahhh.

Ooohhh the world of internet marketing and self-promotion is a strange one. More of this in a while.

ECHO release!!

Well, kids, it’s finally happening. “Echo” has found a home, on the excellent Alphabet Set. A long-standing (ten years old this year!), well-respected, electronic label of consistently high quality, I was bleedin delirah that they had room/time/yaknowwhaddImean for me and my thang.

Now all the admin begins. I’m getting records made, with big, beautiful, artwork, courtesy of Barry and Chris. For that (and for the cash moneys needed), I’m going to go the crowd-funding route – Fundit or Pledge or one a them crowds. Well, “pre-order” is closer to the mark. Gotta get my pro-active pants on now. If only I could find them…..


So, the album’s getting mastered by the excellent Mel Ryan, also known as Meljoann. She makes deadly weird R’n’B, that manages to be accessible, interesting, melodic, unique, and wonky. She sang in the choir I got together for the EP launch, and I’m told she plays the flute too… The production on her songs is great, and I trust her to preserve the balance in my stuff. Electronic while not mad bangin, vocal while not swamped in Over Compressed Vocals.

Here’s the record label she set up – checkit!