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Hellooo Brighton!!

So, we’ve moved again. Brighton it is. The beach is stony but very comfortable, the seagulls are massive and think they’re people, and there’s plenty plenty music going on around here. Herv and Meljoann are our neighbours too, YAY!

Getting settled in here now, although it takes a bit of a while. The last few weeks have been a veritable festival-fest , with trips to Norberg and Rathlin. A tonic for the soul, there’s something really pagan or old-feeling about them; eat together, sleep together, get your rocks off together. Feeling suitably re-invigorated and inspired now, ready for the next adventure!

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Whatchoo readin’ fawr?

For this reason! Learnin me some proper production and mastering ting. It’s all a bit of grey fog, still. No more, I tells ya.

Mel did a fantastic FANTASTIC job with “Echo”, and she’s mastering “Below The Sea” as we speak. Her ear is impeccable, clear as day when you listen to her own music too.

She’s based in Brighton now with her fella Herv. Keep an eye and an ear peeled for the two of them.

Cello stuffs

Cello lesson in Amsterdam again today, trying to loosen up that bowing arm. It has a tendency to tense up trying to stop the bow from tipping over or falling altogether. Gravity, innit! Seán Bergin put me in touch with Harald Austbø, a cellist and improviser who lives in Amsterdam.
He’s a student of Ernst Reijsiger, the composer and cellist who’s written music for a good few of Werner Herzog’s films (including “Wide Blue Yonder” and “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”). Beeeyyooootiful!

In the course of the lesson, talk of portability came up. I started playing the cello eight years ago for many reasons, but its portability (compared to a piano anyway) was one of them. Hundreds of bus journeys later -“Would you not play the tin-whistle?”; “I’d say you have some trouble getting that under your chin!”, cue gales of laughter – I realise it’s maybe not the most portable.

Still and all, hats off to those who try. Here’s Harald on mini-cello with the Bakfiets Band. This clip from a concert of Werner Herzog film music is beautiful, and round 8 minutes in you can see Ernst Reijsiger playing the cello standing up. Apparently he walks around with it sometimes too.

And, a bit less successfully by Woody Allen in “Take the money and run”.

The brilliant Herv released “Portable Music, Vol. 1” last year, made with Nintendo DS, Korg Monontron and (I think) an Ipad – a practical solution to having a very long bus commute to and from work. Get that show on the road, as they say!