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More house gigs please!!!

Great time altogether down in Kinsale on Friday. What a nice place, and what nice people. Playing in a house is great; as Aoife said (afterwards, as we were eating roasty potatoes and homegrown parsnips and onions, AND an omelette, AND soup), it’s like being a travelling musician. Of old, I mean.
I don’t have a harp, and I’m not sure if my array of cables and various USB interfaces would have quite the same hold on the imagination as Turlough O’ Carolan, but still, people were wiggin out and throwing shapes around the wood stove. As a long-standing shape-thrower, that was pretty heartening to see.
Big ups to Colin for asking me down, and to Lindsey, Bríde, Amandine, Eva and Innes as well for opening their doors!

Gig in Kinsale

Off down to my ancestral county on Friday for a house gig! Should be fun alright. No vintners’ coffers will be lined on said occasion either; bonus! As it’s just a session in a sitting room, there’s no advertising, as such. Don’t even know where it is myself, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless. The guy putting it on is a Rathlin attendee, so it’s bound to be simply maaahvellous.