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February News

So, with the inevitability and predictability of an out-of-control lorry, I have changed my mind again about how to proceed with these ‘as yet unreleased tracks’. To whit, unreleased tracks are usually unreleased for a reason. I wrote about Intelligent Fast Failure a while back, well this is Stupid Slow Failure. So, it might have taken a few months of dancing around the obvious, but I got there in the end. 

There’s something of the famine road about these posts; a few words on one course of action, a few words a few weeks later on why that course of action was madness, and back and forth… Never going anywhere though. Hum. Just as well I’m such an amazing procrastinator or I’d do all sorts of stupid things. Blah.

Oh, hang on, I’m playing on Cooking by Candlelight next week. That’ll be nice.

8 p.m. till 10 p.m. on

Radio Gig

I’ll be playing on the radio next Thursday (the 6th) on Reel Rebels Radio, a station up in London. The big city beckons! The show is called Cooking by Candlelight and it goes out every second Thursday from 8 to 10 at night. I’ve listened to a few of the shows – some can be heard on Mixcloud – and they’re just fantastic. Such a varied mix of music; folk, electronic, dub, punk, post-punk, classical, vocal and instrumental music from all over the world, new releases and field recordings from the early 20th century. Amazing.

UPDATE (5/2/’14):

This has been postponed for a few weeks as the station is having internet troubles. Watch this space.