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United Bible Studies, Áine O’Dwyer, Alison O’Donnell

I popped my Brighton gig cherry last night. YAY! Wonderful stuff in the Caroline of Brunswick. I was sitting *this close* to a real-live harp, and UBS kept it real as ever with a seven-piece line-up; saxophones, guitars, tin-whistles, singing, a big drum, dramatic dynamic shifts, and a feather mask. Brilliant.

Mel and I have been keepin’ it reel (hweh) the last while too, getting together to play some trad together. Great for the technique for yours truly, it’ll take me a while to get the hang of the ornamentation, but Mel’s a great teacher. And that feadóg mhór (Irish flute) sounds Just. So. Beautiful.

Here is something I’ll probably never be able to play. Feckin savage!

Hellooo Brighton!!

So, we’ve moved again. Brighton it is. The beach is stony but very comfortable, the seagulls are massive and think they’re people, and there’s plenty plenty music going on around here. Herv and Meljoann are our neighbours too, YAY!

Getting settled in here now, although it takes a bit of a while. The last few weeks have been a veritable festival-fest , with trips to Norberg and Rathlin. A tonic for the soul, there’s something really pagan or old-feeling about them; eat together, sleep together, get your rocks off together. Feeling suitably re-invigorated and inspired now, ready for the next adventure!

Mods rockers brighton

"Below The Sea" EP

Yay! “Below The Sea” has now been released. Grab a download here. Embarrassingly nice blurb too. Scarlet, I am!

Thanks (again and again and again) to Hamish, Mel for the mastering, and Barry for the beautiful artwork.

Filming the video this weekend for the funding project. “Echo” will see the light of day yet!

Whatchoo readin’ fawr?

For this reason! Learnin me some proper production and mastering ting. It’s all a bit of grey fog, still. No more, I tells ya.

Mel did a fantastic FANTASTIC job with “Echo”, and she’s mastering “Below The Sea” as we speak. Her ear is impeccable, clear as day when you listen to her own music too.

She’s based in Brighton now with her fella Herv. Keep an eye and an ear peeled for the two of them.

November news

The Eindhoven gig is approaching now – Monday the 28th of November is the date. I went up to Amsterdam last week to have a jam with Sean (Bergin, my collaborator for part of the show). My first ever electronic jam! He played sax, flute, whistles, concertina, and a banjo he made out of an oil-can, which I then sampled, processed, looped etc. It was mad interesting, I’ve never really done something like that before, and neither had he. We had a buzz though, and I think he got a kick out of it. It’s very transparent, after all, “Oh, I just played that and now I can hear it play back again.”

On the night, we’ll be joined by Alan “Gunga” Purves, an instrument-maker extraordinaire. ‘Sgonna be fun!

A few releases coming up soon too. I met Morphamish up at Rathlin, what a gent! He runs a great net label called Black Lantern Music, and asked me to make an EP for them. Which I am. Yay! Hope to have it finished by Christmas (I ALWAYS want to have things finished by Christmas. Ha!).

The wonderful Meljoann, she who mastered the album, runs a label called Boy Scout Audio. Making a track for a compilation of Irish-tinged but contemporary music. It started simple, then it got very complicated, but…. I hope to have it finished by Christmas. Hweh hweh.

The Machinedrum finally came back three weeks ago. Yes, three months being repaired. Three months to the day. Eeeek. I need an alternative in case that happens again, it’s just too disruptive. For the time being though, it’s all about catch up catch up.


So, the album’s getting mastered by the excellent Mel Ryan, also known as Meljoann. She makes deadly weird R’n’B, that manages to be accessible, interesting, melodic, unique, and wonky. She sang in the choir I got together for the EP launch, and I’m told she plays the flute too… The production on her songs is great, and I trust her to preserve the balance in my stuff. Electronic while not mad bangin, vocal while not swamped in Over Compressed Vocals.

Here’s the record label she set up – checkit!

Lying in Bed (choir)

This is a recording from Sunday evening of the choir. Thanks to Amy, Amanda, Regan, Mel, Eileen, Emma, Sharon, Sue and Holly!!

Photo: Aoife Giles

Lying in Bed (choir version) by Niamh de Barra