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Other peoples’ words II

From The Black Dog’s Soundcloud

A lot of people love music. A lot of musicians love music, despite it being their job. After all, how many bin men love black bags? How many salesmen love their target? For musicians, work means another day in the studio, another set of A&R men to make happy, another day knowing you‘ve sold your soul for a strapon! Working in music is poisonous. Yet a lot of musicians love music anyway.

Cool, huh?

Fiddler of the week – Martin Hayes!

‘Majestic, exquisite, sublime,’ says the commenter. I must concur. Martin Hayes and Denis Cahill playing ‘Carolan’s Farewell to Music’ for the first 5 and a half minutes of this video. Swoon, weep, etc.

On another note, I have to stop using Youtube for this. But it’s soooo convenient….!


Word association of the week – Cliffs!

Headed up to the Seven Sisters white cliffs a few days ago. Those rolling hills with their chalky margins are pretty iconic of this part of the world. Nice to get the cobwebs blown away a bit too, although we didn’t make it to Beachy Head. Next time!


And while we’re at it, here’s some loveliness from the soundtrack of ‘The Harder They Come’, the title track of which was the work of one Jimmy Cliff. Zing!

United Bible Studies, Áine O’Dwyer, Alison O’Donnell

I popped my Brighton gig cherry last night. YAY! Wonderful stuff in the Caroline of Brunswick. I was sitting *this close* to a real-live harp, and UBS kept it real as ever with a seven-piece line-up; saxophones, guitars, tin-whistles, singing, a big drum, dramatic dynamic shifts, and a feather mask. Brilliant.

Mel and I have been keepin’ it reel (hweh) the last while too, getting together to play some trad together. Great for the technique for yours truly, it’ll take me a while to get the hang of the ornamentation, but Mel’s a great teacher. And that feadóg mhór (Irish flute) sounds Just. So. Beautiful.

Here is something I’ll probably never be able to play. Feckin savage!

‘Cruinneog’ interview and Daylight Savings News

For you Irish-speakers out there, I did an interview for the radio show, ‘Cruinneog’ (meaning ‘globe’), during the week. It’ll be broadcast tomorrow morning (Saturday, the 3rd of November) at 11. Seems very interesting, it generally consists of interviews with Irish people living abroad, and as I’m only recently back from the Netherlands, I was asked to call in and have a chat. It’s always a balancing act between being open and communicative, and not coming off like a roaring eejit. Ha!

But Cearbhall (O Síocháin, the presenter) was sound out, really put me at ease, and it was nice to talk about music, and remind myself that I’m a musician, which (goldfish-style) I seem to forget after a few busy music-free weeks. For I went back to school a few months back, yes kids, back to school I went. Plants have always been a big deal to me. I can’t live without them, not even a little bit! I like oxygen and food, see. Soooo, starting a horticulture course seemed like a good idea. It’s all SO NEW at the moment, but I’m lovin’ it.

All about the choirs at the moment too. I’m working on some choral repertoire at the moment. The amazingly talented Amanda Feery recently moved over to Princeton, New Joisey, but she’ll be back next summer for a while, so we’re planning some sort of co-choral goings on. My dream is a mobile choir, flash mobs, musical public nuisances…. As well as midsummer midnight concerts and other lovely things.

The Hour Went Back last weekend, and we all know what that means. Ireland sinks into darkness for a few months (although the winter skies here are absolutely spectacular when there is some light). Leaving the house in darkness, arriving home in darkness. I kind of like it though. And night-time is very conducive to all sorts of visions and madness anyway.

Here’s a sample of Amanda’s work (She’s photographed here by Aoife Giles, singing Lying in Bed in the Joinery way back) –

Hello again!

Well, howyis now. After two months away from (admittedly, sporadic) blogging, I MISS it. It felt like I had no ‘home’ online. Facebook is like an airport terminal, Twitter is a bit like being stuck on a really fast escalator, and Soundcloud’s like a really nice gig where you’re absorbed in the music but not up for the chats.

This blog was like my bedroom. Sure, no-one was visiting, but I had my slippers, my music, and a bed to sit on. So here I am again.

In honour of coming home, here is this absolutely BEAUTIFUL song by Geoffrey Oryema –

I first heard it being used in a documentary about US foreign policy in the 20th century. Cheerful stuff, indeed. This got me properly bawling. That and Patrice Lumumba’s assassination.

New Ilex EP

Yay! New EP by the excellent Ilex. Really beautiful music, it makes me think of oval shapes and a beach at dawn. If you know what I mean.