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New Year

New new new, in with the new. I have a new page on Soundcloud for more dancey stuff. So I have to learn how to produce now. Agh! No harm though, it’s about time I learned that. Did you know that there are music production tutorials online? Imagine! So the experiment begins. Most of my music friends make beats, a lot of my favourite music is evil and filthy, but I’ve always felt very unskilled and self conscious in that area.

I’d kind of had a mind to begin a new project for a while. Trying to incorporate electronic beats into essentially vocal-driven music (which some people consider folky or…Irish-sounding) is pretty difficult; having a foot in both camps can often mean that you’re not in either, which isn’t the end of the world, but makes it hard when approaching people about gigs or that kinda crack. Too Enya for the club night, too beatsy for the experimental night. Again, not the end of the world, buuuuut…

Personally I think genres are a big load of nonsense apart from in the very broadest sense, which I think is usually to do with instrumentation more than anything. And I suppose not everyone, promoters and punters included, have as fabulously diverse a taste in music as I do. And even fabulously open-minded me would feel a bit jipped if lovely Sam Amidon turned up at a rave and started playing the fiddle, or if the Bug landed into a Mediaeval Baebes gig. (Labouring the point a bit?)

So, what next? Tunes tunes tunes. And fun! 

Here is a thing of beauty from Gremino, on the amazing amazing label Rag and Bone.