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Other peoples’ words II

From The Black Dog’s Soundcloud

A lot of people love music. A lot of musicians love music, despite it being their job. After all, how many bin men love black bags? How many salesmen love their target? For musicians, work means another day in the studio, another set of A&R men to make happy, another day knowing you‘ve sold your soul for a strapon! Working in music is poisonous. Yet a lot of musicians love music anyway.

Cool, huh?

Other Peoples’ Words

Words, damn words. I will hand you over to more competent writers .

Yes, there is a theme. (I feel the need to add something myself, but I always end up racked with doubt and paranoia, and eventually deleting the post, tweet, or whatever. I also have to resist the urge to delete half the posts on this blog for the same reason.)