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Learn discipline, learn focus, learn the meaning of PAIN – Learn Piano

Not really.

I picked up a piano last week (been workin out, wha!) in one of Eindhoven’s swell second-hand shops. Cheap as chips too. It’ll cost as much again to get it tuned, but then it’ll be good to go. I might even try and teach it a bit.

There’s something special about the piano. Maybe the size, the range, the wash of sound, wiggin out for a few hours, white-water rafting on a piano-y river. So to speak. And the really nice symmetrical feeling of playing with both hands in the same way (although you don’t really. But damn, scales are satisfying.)

Piano Roles is a collection of writing by various people about the piano – both “the grip it has on the popular imagination” and historical essays about the modern piano and how it got to be the beast it is. And some lovely technical drawings of piano mechanisms, and kerrazy karikatures of 19th-century virtuosos (or is it virtuosi?). But anyway, a grip on my imagination the piano surely has.

This isn’t straight piano by any means (dig those bonkers synths!!), but Stevie Wonder has this gem from 1976 – All Day Sucker.