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Radio Gig

I’ll be playing on the radio next Thursday (the 6th) on Reel Rebels Radio, a station up in London. The big city beckons! The show is called Cooking by Candlelight and it goes out every second Thursday from 8 to 10 at night. I’ve listened to a few of the shows – some can be heard on Mixcloud – and they’re just fantastic. Such a varied mix of music; folk, electronic, dub, punk, post-punk, classical, vocal and instrumental music from all over the world, new releases and field recordings from the early 20th century. Amazing.

UPDATE (5/2/’14):

This has been postponed for a few weeks as the station is having internet troubles. Watch this space.

Other Peoples’ Words

Words, damn words. I will hand you over to more competent writers .

Yes, there is a theme. (I feel the need to add something myself, but I always end up racked with doubt and paranoia, and eventually deleting the post, tweet, or whatever. I also have to resist the urge to delete half the posts on this blog for the same reason.)

United Bible Studies, Áine O’Dwyer, Alison O’Donnell

I popped my Brighton gig cherry last night. YAY! Wonderful stuff in the Caroline of Brunswick. I was sitting *this close* to a real-live harp, and UBS kept it real as ever with a seven-piece line-up; saxophones, guitars, tin-whistles, singing, a big drum, dramatic dynamic shifts, and a feather mask. Brilliant.

Mel and I have been keepin’ it reel (hweh) the last while too, getting together to play some trad together. Great for the technique for yours truly, it’ll take me a while to get the hang of the ornamentation, but Mel’s a great teacher. And that feadóg mhór (Irish flute) sounds Just. So. Beautiful.

Here is something I’ll probably never be able to play. Feckin savage!

Hellooo Brighton!!

So, we’ve moved again. Brighton it is. The beach is stony but very comfortable, the seagulls are massive and think they’re people, and there’s plenty plenty music going on around here. Herv and Meljoann are our neighbours too, YAY!

Getting settled in here now, although it takes a bit of a while. The last few weeks have been a veritable festival-fest , with trips to Norberg and Rathlin. A tonic for the soul, there’s something really pagan or old-feeling about them; eat together, sleep together, get your rocks off together. Feeling suitably re-invigorated and inspired now, ready for the next adventure!

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