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Happy International Women’s Day (late!)

So, a belated Happy International Women’s Day!

I suppose the W word can alienate some of our Y-chromosome bearing brethren, but I don’t feel that’s the intention of the day. As Gloria Steinem said, “The story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights”.


The XX-Chromosome Question

A few weeks ago, Kathleen Lynch, Professor of Equality Studies Department in UCD, went onto Vincent Browne’s night-time talk-show. In the course of the programme, she made some not-too-out-there comments about the lack of critical journalism in this country and the general conservative/right-wing slant in the media in Ireland, a slant that is so endemic and ingrained that it has become accepted as objective truth. She was subjected to a torrent of abuse on Twitter, some of it overtly sexist.

Transcript of the exchange on Vincent Browne, and the ensuing distastefulness.

She was interviewed on Mediabite last week, and part of the interview touched on the events of the week before.

Quite a long interview, but worth the read.

I got asked recently to take part in a gig organised by The Irish Feminist Network on the 8th of March. By the time I got back to them, the bill had been filled, but it still got me to thinking. A gig on International Women’s Day, consisting of a solely female line-up – how do I feel about that? Eehhh, fine, no problem there. Sometimes a quota, or favourable discrimination, is needed to assist a minority group (especially if the minority includes 50% of the population). Will the sound engineer be a woman too?

The Women’s Audio Mission
are a San Francisco-based organisation that provide training, support, and general “you can do it!” for women and girls looking to work in production and recording. Hmm, I wonder about starting such a thing here. A few years in the future, but there’s no harm in thinking about it now.

There is, of course, a wider issue here. As ever, eh. More chewing on this bone will follow.

A few words about words

Words in music – yea or nay? Well, that’s a stupid question, especially if you take into account the spectrum between Stravinsky and wee djs to Elliott Smith and any Anticon nerdy wordy hiphop. In general (yoiks!, a gross generalisation!), I could do without it in most dance music. Another horror movie sample/filthy durrrty girl talking about cunnilingus/70s cartoon sample/posh English guy talking about drugs. SNORE.

Although a lot of the music I listen to is free of The Word, I’m big into the words myself. I cut my musical teeth singing in a kiddies’ choir, and later writing lyrics and supplying vocals for Ed. And there’s all those “My best friend is Rog, He is a black dog” poems from eeehhh last year. The songs on the EP are just that; songs. I take a lot of care with my lyrics, and thus far at least, they’re hugely important, so I decided to include them in the sleeve. Writing them out was kinda cool, laying them out Just So on the page. None of this old hat “left to right” nonsense.

I put them on MySpace, but it moved everything all over the shop. Aye aye, so many problems! They’ll look pretty nice in that sexy sleeve though.